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Shirley was born and raised in Hamilton. For over thirty years she has been successfully involved in business.

In May 2006 she opened her company - and has fulfilled a dream of a business “relating to her love of the feline fancy”. She has been very successful in growing her cat business and now offers one-on-one seminars to teach people how to be successful in operating their own “cat sitting business”.

Shirley is very organized, manages time well and is a disciplined individual. Although devoted to her business and the cats, she understands the value of an active lifestyle, which includes time to play and thus keeps her well and healthy. She is an avid hiker on the Bruce Trail. She hikes several times a week and enjoys downhill skiing. She enjoys golf as well and plays as often as work permits. In addition, she is an early riser and works out at home each day before work. Gardening is also a favourite as is reading a good book.

Shirley shares her home where she has lived since 1985 with “Anthony”, a pure-bred Persian with copper coloured eyes, whom she loves dearly!

Shirley with Anthony

Shirley with Anthony


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